Kanheri Caves Workshop Output

The workshop concluded with participants submitting an output about their understanding of the Kanheri Caves and the research they did during the workshop. The output includes comic strip, blogs and videos that share information and look into various aspects of the architecture and art present at the Kanheri Caves. The stories narrated and developed are based on the facts understood about this marvel!

Comic Strip

Maherzad Mogal is an interior design student who is interested in art, architecture, music and travelling. He wants to show everyone what he is capable of and wants to make a difference in this world with his thoughts and ideologies.

Articles for Kanheri Caves Output

Sound of Silence

The play of sound is what animates a space, along with its relationship to other areas within a structure.

A Study of light & Texture at Kanheri caves

Kanheri caves play an important role in the history of architecture.

The impressions of Gautama at Kanheri

The Kanhagiri also called the Krishnagiri or more commonly known as the “KANHERI CAVES”,