Kanheri Caves Workshop Details


History is more about the present than the past. It is an ongoing process. What happened in the past affects our present and what we do now will at some point become a story from history. Through the course of time, what one finds is that these stories overlap with each other to create an interesting narrative. And it is in this narrative, that some stories are remembered while some are lost. Bombay, a city that has multiple stories – of the seven islands that it once was, of the colonial past and of the business capital that it has now become. Amongst the many stories of Bombay, the stories of its connection to Buddhism is often lost. Kanheri caves talk about these stories of Bombay that happened before the 11th century CE. Amongst these long-forgotten stories, there is something important to learn: the cultures, traditions, and connections of Konkan with the world long before colonialism. In this workshop, we are going to explore these stories, history, and connections Krishnagiri (Kanheri) once formed. The aim would be to explore and understand these stories and to bring them to light through various mediums. This workshop is a part of year-long series of workshops, lectures and research done under the platform of Cities & Stories. The outcome will be published on Cities & Stories.


Khyati Antrolia is a architect, writer & researcher from Mumbai. She is the founder of Cities & Stories, an initiative that talks about architecture, art, traditions, culture and various other aspects throughout history. She is interested in bringing the stories of Indian subcontinent to light and sharing them with as many people possible. She is currently doing her postgraduate diploma in Indian Aesthetics.